Florin Hilbay’s Cryptic Independence Day Tweet

3D89DBF9-0994-4159-A068-3F724C79B7EFMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Internetdom was awash with speculation, confusion and gossip resulting from a cryptic tweet posted by former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay on June 12, Independence Day.

His tweet, accompanied by a photo of Vice President Leni Robredo saluting the Philippine flag during Independence Day ceremonies, said:

”No 2, we’re all waiting for the day you assume your rightful place — No. 1.”  It also bore the hashtags #IndependenceDay2018 and #BabaeAko.

Netizens who saw the tweet asked, “Was Hilbay referring to Robredo, the No. 2 highest official of the land, or Robredo, the No. 2 in a rumored romantic relationship with a married man?  (A Manila Times column recently speculatated that Robredo’s refusal to confirm or deny the rumor gives the impression of truth.)

Others said, “Does No. 1 mean the presidency, or a reference to being the No. 1 partner in a romantic relationship?”

As far as the hashtags are concerned, some asked if  #IndependenceDay2018 implied a forthcoming court dissolution of a marriage, and if #BabaeAko represented Hilbay’s take on ‘the other woman.’

These are all speculation of course, but we welcome any input from Hilbay or the Office of the Vice President.



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