One Million March Planned To Protest Miss Universe Pageant In Manila

IMG_7602.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Sometime in October, a group of 260 Filipinos and Filipino Americans signed a letter addressed to the Miss Universe Organization asking that the 2016 pageant be pulled from the Philippines.  The petitioners included familiar names like Filipino American millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis, retired entertainer Leah Navarro, and former beauty queens Aurora Pijuan and Gemma Cruz-Araneta.

The petitioners argued that the newly-elected leaders of the country, led by no less that President Rodrigo Duterte and his cohorts have demonstrated “objectionable, scandalous, and demeaning sexist attitude towards womankind.”

We all know of course that the letter-petition was a total failure.  The 65th edition of the pageant will, indeed, be held in the Philippines and some contestants have already arrived in the country.

But the petitioners are not conceding defeat.  They are planning a one million people power march on January 30 to protest the staging of the pageant in the Philippines.  It will be held at Luneta Park, not far from the venue of the pageant finals at the Mall of Asia.

When asked by The Adobo Chronicles how many people have signed up so far to join the one million march, a spokesperson for the group said: “260.”



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