BREAKING: Ruth Ginsburg Quits U.S. Supreme Court, Moves To New Zealand

IMG_7587.JPGWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – It was just a matter of time. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has stepped down from the U.S. Supreme Court, leaving two vacancies that incoming President Donald Trump will be filling.

In July, Ginsburg told the New York Times that if Trump is elected president, she would abandon the U.S. for New Zealand.

She is a woman of her word.

Now, it remains to be seen whether the celebrities who promised to move out of the country if Trump is elected — among them Jennifer Lawrence, Barbara Streisand, Jon Stewart, Samuel Jackson, Cher , and many more — will fulfill their promise.



One thought on “BREAKING: Ruth Ginsburg Quits U.S. Supreme Court, Moves To New Zealand”

  1. I moved to EUR in 1989. Mainly because it was nicer and cheaper. Now I am married and pay less than $300 a month for health Ins. for both of us. America is full of a lot of dumb people. I pity them. The American Dream was only a carrot to get people to work harder and spend more. They are dups and slaves of consumation. We only have a brain and everything comes from the brain, therefore we can only be smart or stupid or very smart or very stupid. Games, sports and entertainmant lead it all. We worship actors, singers, musicians and sports figures, people who are not particulary smart. Nothing they do requires brians. Their agents, employees do it for them and keep them busy and dumb. Hour billionaire heros are close to criminals. Gates, Zuckerburg, Jobs, all took/stole their ideas from others and get fortunes fof money from the gov’t and investment groups who only want to look like intelligent big shots. Have you ever see a good looking or smart Billionare? Mayb there are 2-4, out of 1,000s.

    Noboy has solutions. Whatever happens thr is always someone on the other side tearing down what others build.

    I am really glad to be born and raised in NYC, I lived in Greenwich Village through the 60s-70s and in 30 years or less I will be dead and not have to live and suffer the, “Stupid World” of money, money, money, and me, me, me…


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