Raissa Robles Quits Investigative Journalism To Become An Advice Nurse

‘Investigative journalist’-turned advice nurse Robles

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – She likes to be called an “investigative journalist,” although one might argue that her political blog seems to be confined to “investigating” people whom she does not agree with, like President Duterte, as well as issues contrary to her jaundiced political views.

Today, Raissa Robles announced that she was quitting investigative journalism to pursue a dream career — that of an advice nurse.

With this shift in her career, Robles hopes that she will gain more likes for her social media account.  She is aiming to surpass the reader engagements of political blogger Mocha Uson.

In her first post as an advice nurse, Robles tackles the issue of Fentanyl, a prescription drug that is used by patients suffering from severe pain as a result of certain medical conditions.

It is an impressive first piece by Robles where she cuts and pastes medical and scientific information culled from sources like Wikipedia. In her post, she includes her own personal expert analysis of the drug in question.

Her first subject in her advice column? President Duterte, of course!

She makes the case for Duterte as someone addicted to drugs, presumably Fentanyl.

Our best wishes to Ms. Robles on her new-found career!



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