Filipinos Protest ‘Balut’ Ban In Dubai


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipinos both in the Philippines and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are not happy about reports that balut, the popular boiled fertilized duck egg, is being banned upon entry into Dubai.

The Philippine Consulate in Dubai has warned arriving Filipinos in the UAE to refrain from bringing balut not only because it will be confiscated but could also delay  the immigration process at the airport.

Reacting to the news, a national coalition of Philippine relatives of UAE Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) has scheduled a “people power” protest this weekend to be held at Rizal Park (Luneta).  The group expects a million people to participate in the protest.

A spokesperson for the coalition told The Adobo Chronicles that the UAE should “leave our balut alone.” It is the greatest source of Filipino pride and sustenance.  It warned that OFWs in Dubai will stage a city-wide strike if the ban continues.

“What will the UAE ban next? Tuyo and danggit ?”  (salted dried fish) the spokesperson asked.





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