Filipinos And Their “Six Degrees Of Separation”

Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling, right, and his Filipino nanny, Auntie Yolly

The Philippines may not win a gold medal in the Rio Olympics, but who cares, we’re related to someone who has — Singapore’s Joseph Schooling. That is, by virtue of his Filipino nanny, Yolanda Pascual or Auntie Yolly.

But it is not only in sports that we excel.

A good number of winners of reality TV shows like “American Idol,” and “America’s Got Talent” and their international franchises are part Filipino.

The very first Miss Universe was married to a Filipino while some contestants to the popular annual beauty pageant who represent other countries have blood ties to our in-laws, parents, grandparents and great great grandparents.

Bruno Mars is American, but hey, his mother is Filipino, so he must be one. And despite her very foreign-sounding surname, Nicole Scherzinger is definitely one of us! And did we already mention of Black Eyed Peas?

The White House executive chef, Cristeta Comerford, is Filipino and so is Navy Rear Admiral Raquel  C. Bono, the highest-ranking FilAm naval officer in the U.S.

Even celebrated serial killer Andrew Cunanan who murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace is of Filipino heritage.

So, what is our point? Nothing really, except to say that Filipinos are everywhere and that somehow, somewhere, we’re related to someone famous, or infamous.  Maybe, we’re even related to Kevin Bacon!

So unite, Filipinos! Who knows, you might be related to the Marcoses, or the Aquinos. Or the Dutertes for that matter.



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