Vice President Binay, left and President Aquino, right. Empty chair at center was meant for Nora Aunor.
Vice President Binay, left and President Aquino, right. Empty chair at center was meant for Nora Aunor.

Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – What goes around comes around. Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino got a dose of his own medicine when actress Nora Aunor snubbed him and didn’t show up at a parade organized by the Aquino administration in her honor.

Earlier, Aunor was snubbed by Aquino when the president refused to name the multi-awarded actress as National Artist despite a unanimous recommendation by the award nominations committee. Aquino’s reason for the snub – Aunor’s previous drug conviction in Los Angeles – was later proven wrong as Aunor was never convicted.

As Aquino’s popularity continued to decline in nationwide polls, he urged the Filipino people to show their support for his administration by wearing yellow ribbons – the symbol of the people power revolution that ousted the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos.

In his desperate attempt to regain the trust and support of Filipinos — epecially the millions of Noranians (Aunor’s fan club),  Aquino called for a parade at the Luneta (Rizal) Park to honor the actress and to begin a ‘national reconciliation.’

At the appointed time of the parade, featuring men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the special chair of honor, placed in between Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay, remained empty (see photo). Attempts by Aquino’s aides to contact Aunor by text message were unsuccessful.

By the time the parade was underway, the Noranians have left the park and only a handful of administration officials and their families (the few who dared to wear yellow ribbons ) remained in the viewing grandstand.

By the time the parade was over, eyewitnesses said the chain-smoking Aquino had consumed 3 packs of Marlboro cigarettes due to extreme embarassment and stress.

Earlier The Adobo Chronicles  reported on the top ten reasons why Aquino snubbed Aunor for the National Artist title.



  1. hindi na sana ito dapat pang pagtuunan nang pansin kc di naman siya pangunahing suliranin ng ating bansa, at sabi kc igalang mo ang sinumang nakakataas sa iyo habang sa kanya pa ang kapangyarihan….kapag dumating na ang pagkakataong pwede mo nang alisin sa kanya ang kapangyarihan, eh, di dapat alisin na…marami kc talak ng talak pag election na iboboto pa rin at sabi pa pag tumakbong presidente c kris 100% daw mananalo…kakatakot…ganon na ba talaga ang utak ng mga botanteng pilipino….hahaaaayyyyyyyyyyy…im sory ha parang nawala ako


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