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The Hoosier's wedding cake would have looked like this. (Photo credit: weddingzone.org)
The Hoosier’s wedding cake would have looked like this. (Photo credit: weddingzone.org)

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (The Adobo Chronicles) – A heterosexual Indiana couple chose to get married on Friday, April 3. Little did they know that the date they chose would fall on Good Friday this year.

It’s a time when the Christian church is in mourning. It is the day that Jesus Christ died on the Cross. It is also a time when church altars are stripped bare, except for a crucifix draped in purple-colored fabric.

The bride and groom, the future Mr. and Mrs.  Hoosier, chose bright red as the theme color for their entourage and ceremony. The story gets even weirder.

Just days after Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed legislation giving local businesses the license to deny services to gay men and women if it is in keeping with their religious belief, the Hoosiers lost their wedding florist and cake maker, and it is too late to find a replacement.

Apparently, the Indy Cakes and Flowers is owned and managed by a gay couple. In protest of the new anti-gay law, the couple decided to refuse services to the Hoosiers.

“It is our religious belief that it is morally wrong to treat gay men and women differently as one would treat heterosexuals,” the gay couple said, “so it is our right under the new law to deny services to the Hoosiers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but they can go complain to the governor’s office.

The business owners added that with same-sex marriage now legal in many states, they have enough business to keep them going.



Senator and Mrs. Chiz Escudero
Senator and Mrs. Chiz Escudero

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It was yet another celebrity wedding, this time between Philippines Senator Chiz Escudero and actress Heart Evangelista.  President NoyNoy Aquino was the Best Man.  But he was a no-show! Escudero’s brother, Phillip, stood in for the president.

Just recently, Aquino was severely criticized for being a no-show at the arrival ceremonies for the 44 police officers who were slain in an encounter with rebel forces in the southern island of Mindanao.  Instead, Aquino was attending the inauguration of a new car mafucturing plant just south of the capital. The presidential palace explained to the media that the arrival ceremonies was not on the president’s schedule.

In an interview with The Adobo Chronicles, Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that Escudero’s wedding held February 15 in the province of Quezon was not on Aquino’s schedule either, and he blamed the president’s appointments secretary for failing to include it in the presidential calendar.

Of course, it’s always someone else’s fault, but at least the presidential palace is consistent with its responses to criticism regarding the whereabouts of the president.  It has created a popular tagline on social media – #NasaanAngPangulo (Where is the President).



President Aquino and bride Marian Rivera
President Aquino and bride Marian Rivera

Quezon City, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino, considered the most high-ranking eligible bachelor in his country, looked dashing in a black tuxedo at his wedding at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral in Quezon City on Tuesday.

It was not only a star-studded wedding but also a pompous ceremony officiated by eight bishops and seven priests.

The bride, actress Marian Rivera, was all smiles as she marched towards Aquino who was patiently waiting at the altar. Rivera wore an elaborate designer wedding gown and tiara reminiscent of many royal weddings. The Michael Cinco dress cost Two Million Pesos.

Of course, presidential sister Kris Aquino was in the house, wearing a bright yellow strapless gown. She was seated in the front pew, along with son Bimby, a famous child actor.

Even members of the presidential security detail all looked handsome in their barong tagalog, the traditional formal wear for Filipino men.

The groom couldn’t be more happy that the president stood as best man. The groom, Dingdong Dantes, also an actor, is a very good friend of Aquino.