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Hawaii: To Walk Or Not To Walk, That Is The Question

imageHONOLULU, Hawaii (The Adobo Chronicles) – Aloha! Welcome to paradise, where everything is laid back and there are not that many rules to follow. Or rules that confuse you.

But tourists as well as Hawaii residents have recently discovered that they can actually get a citation just for following the rules.

Anywhere in the world, pedestrians of all persuasions and nationalities understand basic signs like traffic lights.  They know when to cross or not to when the lights tell them so.  Some more sophisticasted traffic lights don’t only say “walk” or “don’t walk” but also warn the pedestrians that they have a certain number of seconds left to complete their walk to the other side of the street.

Apparently, the Honolulu Police Department has a different take on the traffic lights.  The countdown which is meant to warn pedestrians how many seconds they have left to complete their crossing does not mean anything. Anyone who steps off the sidewalk when the countdown begins gets a citation.

So, when in Hawaii, know when to walk or not to walk.



Green bike lane
Green bike lane

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – They already have their own green-painted lanes in the streets of San Francisco.  Now they also want immunity from traffic enforcement.

A San Francisco bike group unhappy with a crackdown on cyclists who run stop signs is protesting the law by obeying it in critical mass style.

On Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., the bicycle advocacy group, Wigg Party, plans to ride the Wiggle route, a popular San Francisco thoroughfare, in single file and stop at every single stop sign. The goal? To create an inevitable traffic jam for bikers and motorists alike.

It’s bad enough that half the lanes in each direction on the city’s major thoroughfares are already reserved for buses and taxis, but now private cars have to share the other half with bicyclists.  It has turned San Francisco streets into a hodge-podge of red and green lanes, with private cars caught in between.

Red bus lanes
Red bus lanes

The Wigg Party argues that motorists should be taking mass public transportation instead of driving their cars in the city.  “Well and good, ” a motorist argued back, “except that riding a bicycle is hardly considered mass transportation either.”

But bicyclists sure know how to rule the streets and overrule San Francisco’s laws.  Through critical mass.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has threatened that if the bicyclists don’t behave, he will have to deputize the Dykes on Bikes to enforce San Francisco’s laws.  Yeah, who needs the National Guard?