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imageSilicon Valley, California – Three of the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones – Samsung, Apple and Nokia — jointly announced today that they are eliminating the front-facing camera (FFC) feature in all their future products beginning this year.

FFCs are cameras on the front of smartphones and other mobile devices that enable users to take selfies and initiate two-way video chats.

The manufacturers reached this decision after a firestorm erupted on social (and other) media following the announcement by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that it has officially classified taking selfies as a mental disorder.  APA called it ‘selfitis.’

Speaking on behalf of the three manufacturers, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “the mobile phone industry has a social responsibility to keep their products health conscious.  We are more concerned about the health of our customers, more than the profits we generate from our gadgets.”

Meanwhile, the APA defended its use of the term ‘selfitis’ to describe the new mental disorder.  Critics have pointed out that ‘itis’ indicates an inflammation, more than an addiction.  APA said that it used the correct terminology because in so many ways, selfitis is an inflammation of the ego.