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8_ridersManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – In the U.S., the Helmet Law means bike and motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets to prevent head injuries in accidents.  In the Philippines, it means riders must take them off!

House Bill No. 4438, or the Helmet Ban Bill, will allow local government units in the Philippines to ban the use of helmets in their respective jurisdictions.  Bill author Celso Lobregat, representative from the province of Zamboanga, said that his measure is intended to curb crimes perpetrated by criminals riding-in-tandem (two to a motorcycle).

There has been a recent spate of incidents in which helmeted motorcycle riders snatch bags and purses from pedestrians.

“It is an easy choice for us,” Lobregat said, “we’d rather protect the purses and bags of pedestrians than the lives of motorcycle riders.  If they happen not to be criminals and figure in injury or fatal accidents, then so be it.”

An investigative report by The Adobo Chronicles shows that Lobregat himself was involved in a motorcycle accident when he was a teenager.  He wasn’t wearing a helmet and suffered serious injurious to his skull and brain.

Could there be a connection between the lawmaker’s accident and his idiotic bill?


Photo credit: Kat Wade
Photo credit: Kat Wade

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Tito Sotto III, an entertainer-turned-senator, is proposing a new law that would ban  riding-in-tandem on motorcycles.  In other words, the senator believes in  “one bike, one person.”

Sotto, the same senator who plagiarized Robert Kennedy’s 1966 Day of Affirmation speech in his remarks before the Philippine Senate in 2012, says that motorcycles and bikes were designed for just one rider. His proposal is meant to deter criminals from using motorcycles in their activities, including bag-snatching which is common in the crowded metropolis.  The senator, however, is open to making one exception to riding-in-tandem.  “It would be okay as long as the second rider is a first-degree blood relative of the motorcycle driver,” he said.

Senator Tito Sotto III
Senator Tito Sotto III

Upon hearing of Sotto’s proposal, San Francisco’s Dykes on Bikes immediately roamed the city in their motorcycles, gathering signatures for a petition that will be sent to the Philippines protesting the proposed ban.

The Dykes on Bikes are famous worldwide, especially during San Francisco’s Pride Parade.  The bike-riding lesbians traditionally lead the annual gay pride parade. “We commiserate with our fellow motorcycle riders in the Philippines — gay or straight.  No one should be allowed to infringe on our freedom to ride our bikes, solo or in tandem,” the petition stated.  Their male counterparts, the Mikes on Bikes have pledged to help the dykes in gathering signatures.

It is not clear whether the San Francisco petition will have any effect on the proposed ban, since Philippine senators are known for their independence and for their penchant in passing laws that make little to no sense.