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Kris Aquino Willing To Pay For A Two-Bedroom Jail Suite For Her And Brother NoyNoy

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – If she is  charged and convicted for election law violation, presidential sister and talk show host Kris Aquino says she is willing to pay for a new two-bedroom jail suite for her and brother NoyNoy.

Kris’ use of the presidential chopper in campaigning for Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas is now being looked into by the Ombudsman of the Visayas.

Lawyer Ma. Corazon Naraja, spokesperson of the anti-graft office based in Cebu City, said they were gathering facts about the incident and would determine the legal issues concerning the matter.

According to Naraja, the Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines prohibits the use of government-owned vehicles and other government resources in election campaigns . “Let me remind everyone that using government resources to promote the candidacy of any person is an election offense,” Naraja said.

When asked by The Adobo Chronicles what she thought of her possible jail sentence, Kris said she will take full responsibility of her actions, but that she will pay to build a two-bedroom jail suite that she and her brother could share in case he is also jailed.

President Aquino faces possible criminal charges for the unconstitutional use of government (DAP, PDAF) funds, once he steps down from the presidency. (Incumbent presidents are immune from law suits).

“Being one of the top taxpayers in the country, I’m sure I will have no problem getting approval for a request to build the jail suite,” Kris said.


Only In The Philippines: Prison Inmates File Joint Senate Resolution

Revilla, left, and Estrada (Photo: ABS-CBN)
Revilla, left, and Estrada (Photo: ABS-CBN)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – The Philippines prides itself for being the most democratic amd tolerant society in the world. It is the only country that allows prisoners  to legislate from inside their jail cells.

Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. jointly filed a Senate resolution on Monday honoring and commending television host German “Kuya Germs” Moreno for his immense contribution to the Philippine entertainment industry. Moreno died from cardiac arrest last January 8 at age  82.

Senate Resolution 1717,  recognizes Moreno as “a respected and well-loved person who touched many hearts and changed many lives with his work and his personal relations, and is considered as one of the pillars of the entertainment industry.”

The inmates, of course, are elected senators, both charged with plunder and graft.

It looks like the Philippines is on its way to another Guinness World Record as the only country where its senate votes on a legislation authored by jail inmates.



huckGRAYSON, Kentucky (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Standing beside Rowan County clerk Kim Davis today, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee accused the courts of “making a law out of thin air and punishing people for not obeying something that is not even a law.”

Huckabee’s statement came just minutes after Davis was released from county jail.  She was imprisoned for contempt of court, refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“If somebody needs to go to jail, I’m willing to go in [Kim Davis’] place,” Huckabee said.

Be careful what you wish for.

Huckabee now faces possible jail time for mocking the court system which he says is “criminalizing the Christian faith.”

There has been a precedent of jail time for mockery in the United States.  An Ohio man, William Bailey, was sentenced in 2012 to one month in jail for mockery of a young girl with cerebral palsy in a bus stop.