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‘Hunger Games’ Fans To File Class-Action Lawsuit After Josh Hutchinson Reveals He Was Open To Dating Men


HOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – They felt they were duped, made to believe that their idol, Josh Hutchinson, who played the lead character opposite Jennifer Lawrence in ‘The Hunger Games’ series, was straight.

‘They’ are the fans of the blockbuster movie who have followed the series through thick and thin, and continued to hope for another sequel after the last ‘Mockingbird, Part 2.’

Hutchinson, in a recent interview, revealed that he was open to dating men, a revelation that devastated the fans, including Lawrence herself.

The fans are reportedly preparing to file a class action lawsuit against the producers of ‘The Hunger Games’ for emotional distress and what they are calling a “Hollywood deception of epic proportions.”

It wasn’t clear whether or not Lawrence would be joining the class-action lawsuit.  Stay tuned.



File photo: American actor Jake Gyllenhaal flashes the Hawaiian shaka sign

Bangkok, Thailand (The Adobo Chronicles) – A cinema chain in Bangkok has cancelled screenings of the new Hunger Games film after protesters adopted the movie’s three-fingered defiant sign against totalitarian rule.

Activists say police ordered the move after hundreds of students planned to protest at an opening day screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on Thursday. Thailand has been under military rule since May, and authorities have banned the salute as part of an ongoing crackdown on pro-democratic dissent.protest

The students were obviously disappointed at the film cancellation. They have been waiting a long time to see the popular new film that stars Academy award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. They appealed to the cinema chain and the police to bring back the screening of the blockbuster film series.

As a compromise, the students promised to change the symbol of their protest from the three-fingered salute to the Hawaiian shaka sign.  They were hoping that the Thai military government would be more tolerant of the laid-back, less intimidating symbol of Aloha.



imageSan Jose, California (The ADOBO CHRONICLES) – The world watched as a 24-year old undocumented immigrant interrupted President Obama’s speech on immigration in San Francisco last week.

Ju Hong, who was among those invited to be part of the President’s backdrop for his speech, demanded that Obama issue an executive order to stop all deportations of undocumented immigrants. Instead of allowing the Secret Service to whisk Hong away, Obama said the heckler could stay so that he could give the young man from South Korea an abridged civics lesson.

Well, it turns out that among those watching the television coverage of Obama’s speech was Debra Zane, the casting director of ‘Hunger Games.’ It so happened that she was finalizing the casting for the film’s third installment of the trilogy.  Immediately after the San Francisco event, Zane contacted Hong and offered him a role in ‘Mockingjay.’

In ‘Mockingjay,’  Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence)  leads the rebels in uprisings against President Snow and the Capitol. Hong will play one of the young rebels in District 13.
Zane said that watching Hong’s courage and passion in speaking out during Obama’s speech impressed her, and that those are the characteristics she was looking for in casting young rebels for ‘Mockingjay.’ Hong’ s rebel role will involve heckling President Snow as he addresses his loyal constituents in the Capitol.

Zane refused to answer the question on whether the film production company will sponsor Hong’s green card application.