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Member of Philippine Congress with Pacquiao (Photo: www.rapler.com)
Members of Philippine Congress with Pacquiao (Photo: http://www.rapler.com)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It is pretty much a given that whenever Manny Pacquiao has a scheduled fight, the Philippines comes to a stand still.

The Philippine military and the rebel groups declare a ceasefire, crime rate drops to zero, and road traffic becomes nonexistent.

The May 2nd (May 3 in the Philippines) championship fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, is no exception… and more.

President NoyNoy Aquino has declared May 3rd a National (nonworking) Holiday, and the House of Representatives will go on a 7-day recess, from April 28 to May 3rd.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. told The Adobo Chronicles that he had no choice but to declare a recess because “there’s just not going to be a quorum to be able to conduct official business.”

More than two-thirds of the 290-member House of Representatives will be flying to Las Vegas to be at ringside to support their esteemed colleague.  Pacquiao is an elected representative from his native province of Sarangani.  How they got their tickets and who’s paying for them were not exactly clear.

It is not uncommon for Pacquiao to charter a passenger plane so that his family, colleagues and selected fans can attend his fight in person.

Congress resumes its regular session on May 4th, although many expect that majority of members will be absent, as they will still be dealing with jet lag from the almost 18-hour flight from Las Vegas to Manila.


govManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – As the Philippines braced itself for Typhoon Ruby, the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) declared several areas of the capital as “no man’s land.”

As many as 10 districts (barangays)  and two major thoroughfares — Roxas and Espana Boulevards — were expected to experience severe storm surges and flooding. Declaring “no man’s land” means that people are forbidden to visit or stay in those areas for safety reasons.

The MDRRMO is tasked with notifying the public about potential danger and high-risk situations.

Last week, the MDRRMO declared both the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives as “no man’s land,” citing the fact that visiting the Congress buildings would pose a great danger to the taxpaying public.  An MDRRMO spokesperson said that crocodiles abound in both houses and that the public should stay away and refrain from being in contact with the legislators.

MDRRMO is reportedly also considering declaring the Malacanang (presidential palace) and the headquarters of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines as “no man’s land.”


JoinRezManila, Philippines – Newly-crowned Miss World 2013, Megan Young of the Philippines, came home to a very warm welcome from proud Filipinos who wildly cheered their beauty queen for bagging the once-elusive pageant title.  Young is the first Filipina to win Miss World.

The next few days will see a very busy schedule for Ms. Young who is expected to grace many celebration parties, public events and courtesy calls on President Noynoy Aquino and members of Congress.

When Young visits Congress on Monday, she will be presented with a rare Joint Resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives commending her for this extraordinary feat while expressing relief that the focus has been turned away from the pork barrel scandal that has preoccupied the nation all summer.

The Adobo Chronicles was able to obtain a copy of the Joint Resolution which will be formally presented to Ms. Young on Monday.  The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, Miss Philippines Megan Young has brought great honor to the country by winning the once-elusive title of Miss World 2013;

WHEREAS, Ms. Young has reinvigorated the Filipino people’s pride because of her achievement;

WHEREAS, this national honor comes at a time in the nation’s political history where the Filipino people’s confidence in both the Senate and House of Representatives has reached its lowest level since the founding of our Republic;

WHEREAS, this national honor focuses the spotlight away from the growing scandal relative to the pork barrel scam which has siphoned billions of pesos of taxpayer money and into the pockets of members of both houses of Congress and their cronies;

BE IT RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that Miss World 2013 be presented with the highest commendation for helping save the asses of our colleagues in the Senate and the House of Representatives from the pork barrel scandal;

BE IT RESOLVED, FURTHER, that the Senate and House of Representatives declare a one-year recess from their sessions to appropriately celebrate this great honor;

FINALLY, this joint resolution will have the full effect of a suspension of any and all investigation of members of both houses relative to the pork barrel scandal.

Unanimously approved via voice vote by the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives this 14th day of October in the year of our Lord.”