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Apple's disposable, recyclable iGlass
Apple’s disposable, recyclable iGlass

Cupertino, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Move over, Google Glass. Here comes iGlass, and it’s cheap and disposable!

Apple announced today that as part of its venture into wearable technology, it is releasing a Beta version of what it hopes would be its answer to the $1,500 Google Glass.

The iGlass will be released together with the Apple watch in early 2015.

Apple’s iGlass will do just about everything that the Google Glass is capable of, except that it is cheap — at $39.99 — and disposable. And did we mention recyclable?

The iGlass is made of collapsible cardboard that attaches with a ribbon (included) to a baseball cap (not included). Giants fans, this is for you!

When not in use, iGlass can be collapsed and neatly stored in your drawer or your car’s glove compartment. However, iGlass must be partnered with either an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (sorry Android fans, you just have to stick to the more expensive Google Glass).  The iPhone is then attached, snuggly, to the cardboard casing and all you need to do is download the iGlass app from the Apple Store to make it work.

Pre-orders are now being accepted, just in time for the gift-giving holidays. So, delay your gift-giving for now and send your loved ones a raincheck for the iGlass coming in January to an Apple Store near you.


imageMountain View, California –  Will 2014 prove to be a banner year for American fugitive Edward Snowden?  Mr. Snowden is now living in Russia, on the run from American charges of espionage and theft relating the National Security Agency top secret leaks.

First, The New York Times Editorial Board published an op-ed piece calling for an offer of clemency or plea bargain for Mr. Snowden, considering the value of his leaks and the N.S.A. abuse he has exposed.

Now, the country’s premier tech company Google is reportedly in secret negotiations with Snowden, offering him a hefty-paying position in Mountain View upon his return to the U.S.

The Adobo Chronicles has learned that Google has hit a snag and plateau in terms of the marketing of its much-ballyhooed product, the Google Glass.  “Obviously, we needed a recognizable and controversial face to model our product, and what could be a better choice than Snowden,” said Google CEO Larry Page.  “He’s also easy on the eyes, and the Google Glass fits perfectly on the well-defined contours of his face,” Page added.

Analysts, however,  suspect that having Mr. Snowden be the model for the Google Glass is just a front, and that Google’s real intention is to make Snowden the chief of its Internet Surveillance Department which would monitor any secret or unauthorized intrusion by the N.S.A. into Google’s data system.


San Jose, California -One of the major complaints about Google Glass, the Silicon Valley tech giant’s latest innovation scheduled to hit the market soon, is  its prohibitive price.  Pre-orders of Google Glass cost a whopping $1,500 each.

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In a stunning announcement at an innovator conference at the Google campus in Mountain View this weekend, Google founder and CEO Larry Page unveiled a $5 version of Google Glass which was immediately cheered by millions of Americans now living at below the poverty level.

Page was, however, tight-lipped on the features of this new product and how it compares with  the $1,500 edition.  “Consumers will just have to find out for themselves,” Page said.

Here’s a photo of the new product unveiled Saturday: