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imageSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – From San Diego to Miami, from Salt Lake City to Anchorage, gay men and women are celebrating a victory of a lifetime: the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that marriage is a constitutional right for all.

But no other celebration is as big as that of San Francisco, especially among LGBT people of color.

Forget about the wave of rainbow colors enveloping Facebook profile pictures. The San Francisco celebration is big and it involves — what else — food!

Mexicans can now order their burritos wrapped in shiny, rainbow-colored foil, courtesy of the food chain, Chipotle. A full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle even greeted readers with “Homo estás?”  (How are y’al doing, homos?).

Filipinos, on the other hand, can now enjoy rainbow-colored ingredients in their halo-halo, the all-time Pinoy favorite dessert/snack, similar to the Hawaiian shaved ice. Don’t forget to ask for an extra scoop of ube, that sweet and creamy purple stuff!

Ah, savour the taste of freedom and equality. Everything is so much more fun living in San Francisco — that is, if you can afford the rent.




The suspect in custody (Photo: Reuters)

SILICON VALLEY, California (The Adobo Chronicles®Every day and every hour, we at The Adobo Chronicles® wave our magic wand to scan the world of news in the hope of shining the spotlight on things that are obvious, or not so obvious.

Then, our writers get right to work, putting their best spin — sometimes ridiculous, oftentimes funny, and occasionally offensive — in order to make sense (or not) of the topic at hand.

Next, we decide on the punchline for our news delivery.

It was business as usual yesterday. The top news was, of course, the shooting of nine people in a predominantly black church congregation in South Carolina allegedly by a 21-year-old white man.

It didn’t take long for our newsroom staff to decide on our punchline, which is …


This is as crystal clear as black and white.

Our thoughts and prayers to the victims and families of this racist attack.