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Bureau Of Immigration Starts Waitlist Of Foreigners Wanting To Have Maria Ressa’s Philippine Citizenship

75A796BE-1786-4511-B6B3-130E1D3C2688MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – “Following a petition online to strip the CEO of Rappler, Maria Ressa of her Filipino Citizenship, if she does loose (sic) it, can I get hers?”

Thus started the petition of a British national, Malcolm Conlan, who says that being a Filipino at heart and at the same time being proud to be British, it has always been his ultimate dream to be able to call himself Filipino.

Immediately after Conlan’s petition to the Philippine government went live, hundreds of foreigners sent the Bureau of Immigration a similar request.

Today, the Bureau set up a waitlist. Should Ressa’s dual citizenship be revoked, it said it will raffle it off to those in the waitlist.

May the best man or woman win!


Exclusive: Interview With Maria Ressa On Dual Citizenship Petition

85E74EC0-AE6D-482F-AA8F-84BD2FF1C488SINGAPORE (The Adobo Chronicles, Singapore Bureau) – An online petition on is asking the Philippine Department of Justice to revoke the reacquired citizenship of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa because of alleged violation of her oath of allegiance as a Filipino dual citizen.

We caught up with Ressa at the Facebook regional headquarters in Singapore where she is reportedly meeting with top brass to explore closing down the FB accounts of each and every person who has signed the petition.  As of this writing, close to 35,000 haved signed.

Here’s our interview with Ressa:

AC: Any comment on the petition?

MR: Political harassment!

AC: Who do you think is behind this petition?

MR: Pro-Duterte trolls!

AC: What do you think would be the outcome of this petition?

MR: Suppression of Press Freedom!

AC: But you yourself have been accused of suppressing the freedom of speech of bloggers and netizens.

MR:  Those trolls! Trolls!

AC: Is it true both your parents are Indonesian?

MR: Pilipino po! As a dual citizen, I have both a PH and U.S. passport. I have both of the passports stamped whenever I exit or enter the Philippines.

AC: Is that even possible?

MR: Hehe, joke lang.

AC: Any comment on the criminal charges filed against you?

MR: Intimidation!

AC: And your warrants of arrest?

MR: Weaponizing the law to silence me and Rappler!

AC: How do you feel about all these “attacks” on you and Rappler?

MR: Death by a thousand cuts.

AC: Would you excuse us for a moment. Our phone connection is spotty.

MR: I will hold the line.

AC: Okay we’re back. If the petition to revoke your Philippine citizenship succeeds, what’s your plan?

MR: I will apply for political asylum in Hawaii.

AC: But you are a citizen of the United States.

MR:  Ah… uhm… Is Hawaii part of the United States?

(At this point, the connection was lost. Ressa could not hold the line.)