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Corona Virus: Leni Robredo Denied Entry Into South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea  (The Adobo Chronicles, Seoul Bureau) – Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo was denied entry into South Korea as she arrived to participate in the 2020 World Summit.

As Robredo’s private plane landed at Incheon International Airport today, South Korean immigration and health officers boarded the aircraft and ordered the pilot to  immediately return to Manila.

Ironically, Robredo was among Rodrigo Dutere’s critics who claimed the Philippine President was not acting swift enough to curb the potential spread of the coronavirus in the country.

South Korea’s decision to deny Robredo’s entry was based on news reports that the first coronavirus death outside China was in the Philippines.

The Adobo Chronicles reached out to Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin and asked him if he will file a diplomatic protest as a result of the incident, and he replied: “Weh.”

Duterte Imposes Sanction On U.S. Imports Of Philippine Soy Sauce And Vinegar

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – If Donald Trump heeds the urging of the U.S. Senate, Philippine officials and others involved in the supposed unlawful detention of Senator Leila de Lima, will be banned from entering the U.S.

But President Duterte made the first counter move by banning the entry into the Philippines of three Democrat Senators who authored and supported the resolution urging the ban on the Filipinos — Senators Patrick Leahy, Dick Durbin and Edward Markey.

Today, Duterte announced that if such a ban on Filipinos is pursued and implemented by the U.S. State Department, he will impose a devastating sanction on America, by banning U.S. imports of Philippine soy sauce and vinegar.

Soy sauce and vinegar, especially the famous Marca Piña brand, are key ingredients in preparing the world-famous adobo dish, loved not just by Filipinos living abroad but even gourmet chefs in the U.S.

The Philippine Presidential Palace said that banning U.S. imports of soy sauce and vinegar will have a devastating effect on the estimated 4 million Filipinos now living in America — many of whom work in key professions and services like health care, music, engineering, hospitality and technology.

”It will also be very disappointing for top chefs in America who are all in agreement that the Filipino adobo is among the world’s best cuisine,” Presidential Spoksperson Salvador Panelo said.


Senator Dick Durbin Wants Visa-Free Travel To The U.S. By All Filipinos

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is putting his money where his mouth is. Today, the Democrat lawmaker proposed to scrap the visa requirement for all Filipinos who want to travel to the United States and says he will file the appropriate Senate bill shortly.

Earlier, in a tweet expressing his support for the jailed Senator Leila De Lima, Durbin urged Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte “to stop threatening the travel” of Filipino Americans and so many others who travel between the U.S. and other nations.

”To prove that I’m not just all talk, I will sponsor a new Senate bill that would ensure the travel of all Filipinos to the U.S., visa-free. In doing so, I challenge Duterte not to make good his threat to require U.S. citizens to obtain a visa when traveling to the Philippines.  This is all in the spirit of true reciprocity,” Durbin told The Adobo Chronicles.