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Bill author Congressman Relampagos
Bill author Congressman Relampagos

Quezon City, Philippines – If you think adobo is the national dish of the Philippines, you’re wrong! Well, at least according to one Philippine Congressman’s logic which may actually have some merit.

Representative Rene Relampagos of the province of Bohol has filed a bill in the Philippines’ House of Representatives that would make this popular dish of chicken or pork marinated and simmered in a combination of soy sauce and vinegar as the “official” national food of the Philippines.

While most Filipinos already consider adobo as their national dish, nowhere in the legislative dockets does it say so, unlike the Philippine Eagle as the national bird or Sampaguita as the national flower.

Chicken adobo (photo courtesy of
Chicken adobo (photo courtesy of

House Bill 3926 will also make the jeepney as the national vehicle, barong tagalog and baro’t saya as national costumes, mango as national fruit, and, read this – Dr. Jose Rizal as national hero!

Congressman Relampagos also wants The Adobo Chronicles to become the official gazette of the Philippine government.

Well, Mr. Congressman,  we at The Adobo Chronicles are very honored but we can’t comment because that would constitute a conflict of interest.  But we will gladly report the facts as your bill moves through the respectable congress.



imageSochi, Russia – The United States is sending its largest-ever contigent to a winter Olympics, with 230 athletes competing in Sochi. But there is a bigger story.

When the American Olympians enter the stadium at Friday’s opening ceremony, each will carry an open bottle of Russian vodka. As soon as  they reach the front of the VIP stand, they will pour the vodka into the parade grounds.

The reason? It is to protest the embargo by the Russian government of a shipment of Chobani Greek yogurt which was supposed to be fed to the U.S. athletes while in Sochi. The yogurt shipment is in limbo at a New Jersey airport. The U.S. government has accused the Russians of using this nutritious food as a vehicle to show who’s in charge.

To counter the U.S. public protest, Russian officials have mandated that all American athletes undergo a blood test two hours before their respective scheduled competitions to detect even the slightest trace of vodka in their system. “Intimidation tactics,” one U.S. Olympic official said.


imageChicago, Illinois – When Oprah cries, everybody cries; when Oprah gets pissed, you better watch out.

The most influential woman in the world – not to mention one of the richest – was perturbed at the fact that the film she starred in, Lee Daniels’ The Butler was snubbed by both the Golden Globes and the Oscars. When the film was released earlier this year, critics thought that Winfrey’s performance as the wife of the White House butler played by Forest Whitaker, was a shoo-in for a Best Actress nomination.

Ms. Winfrey not only has her own magazine but her own television network as well (Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN).

Today, she announced that she is forming her own American Film Academy which will function just like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which puts up the annual Oscar Awards.

The new academy’s awards will be called the Oprahs.

As of press time, it wasn’t known how many of the current Oscar voting members will defect to Oprah’s new academy.

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