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MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Miss Universe is up for sale! No, not Paulina Vega, the reigning title holder from Colombia, but Miss Universe the pageant.

Republican presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump told reporters he was putting his 49% stake in the pageant on the market.

Trump has been the face of Miss Universe for decades — well, hiding behind the beautiful faces of the pageant contestants and winners, that is. As owner of the Miss Universe Organization, he pretty much dictated how, where and when the pageants were to take place. He also singularly made that decision years ago to allow a transgender contestant to compete for the Miss Canada-Universe pageant.

Alas, things continue to go downhill for Miss Universe (and Miss USA which Trump also owns), since he made those disparaging remarks against Mexicans during the launch of his presidential bid. NBC Universal and Univision both cut their ties to Trump and countries like Mexico and Panama have dropped out of the international pageant, with other Latin countries expected to do the same.

So what’s next for Miss Universe? Will any one step up to buy out Trump?

It’s just a rumor, but keep an eye on who will succeed Trump as owner. The likes of billionaires Carlos Slim of Mexico (the second richest man next to Bill Gates) and Henry Sy, the richest man in the Philippines.

Both Mexico and the Philippines love beauty pageants, so that increases the odds of a Mexican or a Filipino owning Miss Universe.


imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) –  Colombia has retracted its bid to host the next  Miss Universe pageant amid public rejection of owner Donald Trump’s recent controversial comments on Latinos in his presidential candidacy speech.

Capital Bogota said in March that it was interested in hosting next year’s Miss Universe, a global beauty pageant owned by Trump. However, following Trump’s derogatory comments, the capital’s Institute of Tourism confirmed they no longer have interest in hosting the event.

“Bogota declines its aspiration to be the host city of the next version of the contest. The decision was adopted after the disrespectful statements against Latino and Mexican community pronounced by Donald Trump from the United States,” the tourism agency said in a statement released on Tuesday.

In a desperate effort to save the pageant from total extinction, Trump announced he was flying to Manila soon after tomorrow’s Miss USA pageant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to meet with Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino.

Trump will seek to convince Aquino to host the next Miss Universe pageant.

In announcing his trip to Manila, Trump said that the Philippines would be a most appropriate host for the next pageant. “It has two Miss Universe title holders — Gloria Diaz and Margarita Moran, not to mention the fact that the Philippines has been consistently in the top 10 finalists in recent pageants. The country has also been a host to the pageant twice, in 1974 and 1994.

Trump is expected to ask Aquino for the use of the Philippine Arena, the world’s largest indoor area, as venue for the pageant.


imageBATON ROUGE, Louisiana (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Tomorrow’s (July 12) Miss USA Pageant will not be seen on NBC or Univision, and it remains unclear whether there will be any celebrity hosts or judges after many of those originally tapped for the show dropped out in protest of owner Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexicans and immigrants.

Well, Trump himself said he was boycotting the pageant and will be a no-show.

The reason? The real estate mogul and presidential candidate can’t take any more criticism for the irony between his anti-immigrant statements and the pageant.

Apparently, Miss Rhode Island Anea Garcia’s grandmother emigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic, and Miss Massachuseets Polikseni Manxhari immigrated to the U.S. from Albania with her parents when she was 5. Many other contestants have roots from Latin America, Asia and other continents.

“For me to suggest building a great wall to prevent immigrants from crossing our borders and yet sponsoring a pageant full of immigrant contestants does not make sense, and it damages my credibility — something that I cannot afford if I were to win votes to become president,” Trump said.

For once, Trump seems to make some good sense.