BREAKING: Court Of Appeals Allows Maria Ressa To Leave For Ukraine!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – For the third time in the last five months, Rappler CEO and convicted criminal Maria Ressa was given the green light to leave the Philippines, this time to travel to Ukraine.

The Court of Appeals has granted Ressa permission to do what she does best — reporting live from the world’s war zones. She is expected to file death-defying dispatches from war-torn Ukraine. She will also be reporting live from Moscow, Russia.

It will be recalled that Ressa has a string of credentials covering war zones, not the least of which is the Philippines which she has described as the ”worst war zone” she has ever been in.

Last year, Ressa who was convicted of cyber libel was allowed to travel to the United States to attend a Harvard program and to visit her parents, and to Norway to personally receive her Nobel Peace Prize award.

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