A Rare Footage Of The CNN Presidential Debate!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It seems that Vice President and presidential aspirant Leni Robredo just made a big fuss over standing in heels for three hours during the debate sponsored by CNN Philippines.

Robredo was seen leaving the University of Santo Tomas debate venue, going barefoot and carrying her high-heeled shoes. Her campaign wanted to get the people’s sympathy for the ordeal she went through just to show up at the forum attended by all presidential candidates except Bongbong Marcos.

But a leaked photo of Robredo during one of several commercial breaks showed her sitting comfortably in a chair provided by CNN, wearing flipflops —truly a rare footage that wasn’t seen by the television audience!

One thought on “A Rare Footage Of The CNN Presidential Debate!”

  1. A Vote for our Vice President Robredo is a vote for the good of all Man Kind she is straight up and does not take bribes not even from the Chinese like Duterte and she will makes sure and try her best never to leave any town or city out for all the things they need which is what a Real President does, and remember that other person I will not name has deceit in his blood and is a person that manipulates everything to his best interest, a vote for him and you all will be out in the cold and hungry.


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