Maria Ressa Makes A Fashion Statement In Oslo!

OSLO, Norway (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – Maria Ressa would do anything just to make her case to the international community about her controversial Nobel Peace Prize.

Ressa was in Oslo to personally receive her award after being given the go signal to travel out of the Philippines by a Philippine Appeals Court, the same judicial branch of government she claimed was being used to weaponize the curtailment of her freedom of speech and of the press.

Aside from her usual rhetoric about being a journalist silenced by the government, the CEO of the online news source Rappler also made a shocking fashion statement.

Instead of her signature pantsuit, Ressa wore what looked like a black and white tunic which when zipped up, seemed to poke fun at her own accusation of receiving hundreds if not thousands of rape threats because of her fearless brand of ”journalism.” Her face mask also featured a zipper that many believed symbolized her being silenced, or on the other side of coin, her countrymen’s desire for her to shut up.

Her Oslo appearance coincided with the national costume competition of the 70th Miss Universe Pageant being held in Israel. Pageant enthusiasts swore if Miss Universe Philippines wore the same outfit as Ressa’s, she would be a runaway winner of the pageant’s Best National Costume award.

The Adobo Chronicles tried, but failed, to identify Ressa’s wardrobe designer.

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