WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Losing to Joe Biden in last November’s presidential elections was devastating to Donald Trump. Losing a second time to Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris was crushing!

Sources close to The White House’s West Wing told The Adobo Chronicles that the President has locked himself all day today in the Oval Office, refusing to talk to anyone, and shouted at a White House aide who knocked on his door to serve him some diet Coke and French fries. “Go away,” he reportedly told the aide.

Trump’s erratic behavior began soon after TIME magazine announced its pick for this year’s “Person of the Year.” Shortly before the announcement, TIME released its shortlist for this year’s award: Trump, Biden, “frontline health care workers and Dr. Anthony Fauci” and the “movement for racial justice.” Our sources said the President was 100% confident he would win the title.

Analysts say that the biggest blow to Trump was not just losing to Biden a second time, but that he also lost to Harris, a Vice Presidential candidate, a woman and a person of color.

Trump now owes Americans not one, but two concessions.

Stay tuned! This really makes for a good Reality TV show!

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