PWDs Storm Senator Cynthia Villar’s Office Over Transgender Issue

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Be careful what comes out of you mouth because it may come back to haunt you. This was the lesson learned by Senator Cynthia Villar after Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) stormed her office over the ongoing transgender issue.

Villar recently suggested that while the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression) Bill is still being considered by legislators, transgender women should be allowed to use public restrooms designated for PWDs, saying these facilities are not always in use.

The Senate is now deliberating on SOGIE following that Quezon City shopping mall incident where Filipina Transgender Gretchen Custodio Diez was denied use of the women’s restroom.

The PWDs berated Villar for compromising their own rights just so she could gain some points with the LGBT community.

”It seems that the Senator’s idea of equality is to cut a slice of the pie of one disadvantaged sector to give to another equally-disasvantaged sector,” the protesters said.

Asked for comment, Villar said, “Sowee na po. Tao lang po.” (Sorry. I’m just human)

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