Maria Ressa Is Considering Suing Manila Times Columnist For Libel

618124DC-B78D-413C-BF1D-17854C9CC2AC.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Rappler CEO Maria Ressa has been sued for libel. Now she’s turning the table around. She is suing for libel.

Sources close to the embattled stock broker say that Ressa is planning to sue Manila Times columnist and book author Rigoberto Tiglao for libel.

”Tiglao defamed my character through his comments and accusations in his column. Today’s column is the last straw, so I’m suing him for libel,” Ressa told The Adobo Chronicles.

We asked Ressa what made her decide to finally sue Tiglao, and she said : “He called me a man!”

Moral of the story: if you’re not sure whether to call someone ‘con man’ or ‘con woman,’ err on the safe side, use ‘con it’ instead.

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