Donald Trump Joins Call To Revoke Maria Ressa’s Dual Citizenship

268e4cbc-d9c6-4af1-986f-7a086bedb532WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – When it rains it pours! Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is not only facing the wrath of Filipinos; U.S. President Donald Trump has joined in the call to have her dual citizenship revoked.

Some 46,000 Filipino netizens (and counting) have signed an online petition asking the Philippines Department of Justice to look into Ressa’s activities which may be in violation of her oath of allegiance when she applied for dual citizenship.  

But there’s a catch: Trump is not Filipino so he has no right to petition the Philippine government to revoke Ressa’s Filipino citizenship.

Ressa, however, is also a U.S. citizen, so Trump has now ordered his Department of Justice to look into stripping her of her American citizenship.

When asked by The Adobo Chronicles for his motivation in wanting to revoke Ressa’s U.S. citizenship, Trump said, “You know how I hate fake news, especially CNN, and Ressa used to be a CNN correspondent. Once a CNN employee, always a CNN employee.”

Trump added that his move is also part of his ongoing campaign to rid the United States of non-white immigrants and naturalized citizens. “I will not only build a wall, I will also go after purveyors of fake news, especially if they are not natural-born citizens.”

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