Senator Grace Poe Wants To Ban Dual Citizens Like Maria Ressa From Owning Philippine Media

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chonicles, Manila Bureau) – Reacting to a Manila Times column depicting Rappler CEO Maria Ressa as an American using her dual citizenship for political and business motives, Senator Grace Poe today said she wants to amend the Constitution to ban dual citizens from owning Philippine media.

The current law is clear about media ownership being restricted to Philippine citizens or corporations 100%  owned by Filipinos.

Poe, who herself was a U.S. citizen but renounced her American citizenship to run for Senator, said it has become apparent that Ressa is using her Philippine citizenship to legally operate her online news source while also using her American citizenship to attack the Philippine government, CIA-style.

The Adobo Chronicles reached out to Ressa for comment and all she said was “I thought Senator Poe and I were friends?”

So will Ressa now turn Rappler into a stock broker?


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