Malacañang Confirms Duterte In Hong Kong To Seek Treatment For Loopholes

63098FE4-B616-490C-A678-F911943A9570.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manla Bureau) – Social media and the biased news source Rappler were abuzz with rumors that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has traveled to Hong Kong for the second time in several months to seek medical treatment.

Rapplerette Pia Rañada immediately tweeted what she called Duterte’s “unannounced trip” in what appears to be part of the online news source’s continuing saga of discrediting every move of the President.

Today, Presidential Spokesperson Salvardor Panelo confirmed that indeed, Duterte was in Hong Kong for the weekend not only to celebrate Honeylet Duterte’s birthday but also to seek treatment for Loopholes.

”If Kris Aquino can travel to Singapore to seek medical  tests for what she announced on social media as a diagnosis of Lupus, then the President has all the right to travel to Hong Kong or whatever country he chooses to deal with medical and other conditions,” Panelo said.

(Many have interpreted “Loopholes” to mean the lack of time spent with family due to work, and making up for it.)

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