Trillanes Apologizes To Duterte For Comment On Maria Ressa’s Arrest

3AEF7C8B-5027-49C4-A8B4-83FD2F5F04A1MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As expected, Senator Antonio Trillanes was quick to react to the arrest of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on charges on Cyber Libel.

Trillanes said that “Ressa’s arrest exposes Duterte’s ‘despotic regime.’

The arrest order was issued by Regional Trial Court presiding judge Rainelda H. Estacio-Montesa.

But when The Adobo Chronicles informed Trillanes that Estacio-Montesa was actually an appointee of  NoyNoy Aquino, the Senator immediately apologized to Duterte, and focused his attack on the former President instead.

”I was too quick to judge,” Trillanes said, “and I’m very sorry.  I hope Duterte would forgive me.  I get carried away sometimes, especially when I hear Ressa’s monologues about suppression of Press Freedom.”

No word yet from Malacañang whether or not Trillanes is forgiven.


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