Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Offers Asylum To Maria Ressa

TORONTO, Canada (The Adobo Chronicles, Toronto Bureau) – Believing 100% in Maria Ressa’s public statements that she is being harassed and intimidated by the Duterte government simply because she is a journalist, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affrairs Chrystia Freeland has offered the Rappler CEO political asylum in Canada.

Freeland, in a post on her Twitter account, said that Canada is deeply concerned for the security of safety of Ressa, adding that the harassment and intimidation of journalists have no place in democracy.

Freeland also called for due process  despite the fact that it is precisely because of due process that Ressa remains a free women after posting bail in according with that due process.

Ressa is reportedly seriously considering the asylum offer, although she says she first needs to put up Rappler for sale so that she can use the proceeds for her new, free life in Canada.

Ironically, Canada is open to take in Ressa but has refused to take back the Canadian trash that was exported to the Philippines under the guise of recycled plastic.



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