Adobo Chronicles’ Yellow Edition #1: Duterte’s Trust Rating Plummets Significantly

76E08F82-89C4-40A9-A992-96C4EBCD3F54MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vice President Leni Robredo and members of the Opposition have all the reason to celebrate this weekend. President Rodrigo Duterte’s Trust Rating has plummeted to an unexpected level in the latest SWS survey.

The SWS Survey, conducted over the UNDAS holiday, shows Duterte’s trust rating among Filipinos in all economic classes, diving to an unbelievable minus 5%. The result does not even fall within the survey’s plus or minus 3% margin of error.

Political analysts surmise that the Duterte’s deplorable rating was the result of recent developments including his order for the Armed Forces of the Philippines to take over the administration of the Bureau of Customs, his eerie silence over the Dengvaxia mess, his public comments about saints, and his continued vagueness about the status of PCOO vis a vis his announcement of the revival of the Office of the Press Secretary.

The latest survey doesn’t bode well for 2019 election candidates who have aligned themselves with Duterte. It also boosts the morale of the Opposition Coalition’s Magic 8 which includes usual candidate suspects like Mar Roxas, Bambam Aquino and Florin Hilbay.

Duterte could not be reached by The Adobo Chronicles for comment. Rumors have it that he and his family are in Singapore for a weekend R&R and shopping at UNIQLO.  Not even Spokesperson Salvador Panelo knows the whereabouts of Duterte.

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