Saying Boracay’s Rehabilitation Was A Big Success, Duterte Orders Closure Of Baguio City For Six Months

794FCB86-977E-4502-9828-1874C0FFB1AD.jpegBAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – The verdict is in! The six-month closure of Boracay is a huge success.  Even President Rodrigo’s fiercest critics are impressed.

Duterte had ordered the closure of Boracay in order to rehabilitate this island resort and clean up the environment.  The powdery white sand on the beach is back and businesses have cleaned up their act to restore the paradise image of Boracay.

Next up: Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines.

Many visitors may no longer find what they’re looking for in this mountain resort. Gone is the scent of pine trees. Gone are the sunflowers that adorn the facade of the city’s mountains and hills. Traffic has become a nightmare, and pollution has become an everyday occurence.  Visitors can expect a short supply of water and electricity.  It’s an environmental disaster.

In a surprise visit to Baguio this weekend, Duterte announced that he has ordered the closure of the city for six months, beginning November 1, 2018.  He says that during this period, the city will be off-limits to tourists.  Only registered Baguio residents will be allowed in and out of the city.  The only exception are foreign students — mostly Koreans — who are enrolled in local universities.

The “new” Baguio is expected to reopen in mid-April, in time for the annual trek to the city during Holy Week.

It takes political will to clean up the environment, and Duterte has proven he has what it takes to do the job.



10 thoughts on “Saying Boracay’s Rehabilitation Was A Big Success, Duterte Orders Closure Of Baguio City For Six Months”

  1. I hope there are atleast compensations or alternative source of income allotted from the government for those people whose major source of income comes from tourists such as small “pasalubong” stores. 6 months of zero income is no joke.


    1. EC Glen Ford Six (6) months is just a short term shortage rather than having a very polluted and damaged city for the future and next generation…

      The closure must push through….this will help and open business opportunities for others and even help local / small business to grow better and bring back the environmental friendly Baguio City .


    2. And a dying source of income is even the worse joke! I am sure there will be some difficult times there……but we need to think of long term.


    3. If this is FOR REAL… To answer the COMPENSATION matters…

      The night markets, illegal night markets in fact — are EATING AWAY all the incomes anyways… It is time for CHANGE, AND REAL CHANGE INDEED.

      Am a tour guide, and am one of those who is HIT by this but as a TOUR GUIDE, I have nothing to say but HISTORY of the past. There is NOTHING GLORIOUS IN BAGUIO RIGHT NOW… It is so EMBARRASSING… Walking along the main streets with SMELL OF SHIT ALL AROUND? What the heck. I prefer BAGUIO with a few PEOPLE and QUALITY people — not the UKAY UKAY buyers.

      I can still tour people OUTSIDE OF BAGUIO and make money. Those small pasalubong centers can do business, SHIFT… anyways, change is constant, so CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.


  2. how about PANAGBENGA. what will happen to the festival? will there be tourists still or still restrcited? just curious..


    1. it would be a good chance for the locals to enjoy the festival, because to be honest, during the Panagbenga festival, majority of the people attending are tourists, most locals stay at their homes because of the bad traffic and the crowd.


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