Duterte’s Medical Test Results Revealed, Critics In Shock!

C717B304-FE98-4036-80FD-3B096A0E9023MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The entire country had been holding its breath after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte publicly admitted that his recent endoscopy and colonoscopy may have revealed something — perhaps, a “growth.”  Duterte had said that if it’s cancer, he’ll let the Filipino people know.

As anyone can imagine, Duterte’s critics and members of the diminishing Opposition could only be elated at the news.  This, they thought, could only be their only chance of getting back in power by Leni Robredo succeeding Duterte in the event that he gets incapacitated.

Well, today, Duterte critics got the shock of their lives after the President’s medical team revealed the rest results of his medical tests.

Indeed, there was not one “growth” but two, found  in the President’s colon and esophagus.

These were Davao durian seeds, which the President had previously accidentally swallowed. Doctors immediately removed the growths.

All’s well that ends well.  Except for the Opposition.


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