Stragolgate: Lacierda Says ‘Sorry,’ Robles Will Make Sumbong

Unholy Trinity: Lacierda, Robles, Sasot

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Former PNoy Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and self-proclaimed investigative journalist Raïssa Robles have made fun of Rodrigo Duterte’s Visayan accent, particularly the President’s mention of the word ‘stragol’ (struggle) in a recent public statement.

Lacierda has since apologized, claiming it was not his intention to mock the Visayan dialect while admitting it was culturally insensitive.

But Robles is not throwing in the towel.  On the contrary, she plans to write to the Dutch Government and ask that Netherlands-based Sass Rogando Sasot be deported.

It all started when Sasot posted a ‘riddle’ that ridiculed Robles for making fun of Duterte’s accent. The post consisted of four witty lines that all rhymed with ‘’stragol.’

That didn’t sit well with Robles who responded directly to Sasot, saying that she will be writing to the Dutch and Duchess of The Netherlands — sorry, we meant to say Dutch Embassy — to warn them that the blogger is spreading fake news.D0A7A6C7-95F5-49EA-B8A1-28D6CE0F15D2

Suddenly, the investigative journalist, author of a now irrelevant book on the Marcos Martial Law, and newbie public speaker with a thick English accent has turned to her childlike instinct to make sumbong to higher authorities whom she hopes would side with her frailties as a woman.



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