What Court Of Appeals Meant By Giving Rappler “Corrective Period”

611AD227-6779-4E08-8B5C-7149F1F0994CMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  While almost all news media were reporting that the Court of Appeals has denied Rappler’s petition for a reconsideration of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruling revoking its media license, the online news source is focused on a different headline — that of the Court’s admonition that SEC should give Rappler a “corrective period,.”

So just how exactly can Rappler correct something that was illegal in the first place, violating the Constitutional provision that Philippine media should be owned 100% by Filipinos?

So, The Adobo Chronicles  sought clarification from the Court of Appeals.  Here’s its response:

”We were using ‘corrective period’ as a figure of speech.  What we really meant was that Rappler should be given the chance to correct its vision — since it obviously sees things through a Yellow lens.  Perhaps Maria Ressa and her team should schedule a visit with an opthalmologist or optometrist.”

That’s crystal clear.



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