Senator Leila De Lima’s Case Is Proof That Duterte Is A Dictator

78128CC6-9764-4EB6-9E00-D0F41716E2B7MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has been called many names by his detractors, Human Rights groups, the news media and members of the political opposition. Among them ‘Authoritarian,’ ‘Dictator,’ and ‘Strongman.’

So, The Adobo Chronicles conducted an in-depth analysis of the case of Senator Leila De Lima who is incarcerated for several criminal charges ranging from drug trading to conspiracy to commit drug trading.  Results of our analysis point to the fact that Duterte is indeed a dictator.

Here are the highlights of our analysis:

  • De Lima is not on solitary confinement
  • She has not been subjected to caning, waterboarding or other forms of torture
  • Lawmakers from the European Union visited her in jail on Wednesday, July 19, 2017
  • Duterte has not confiscated the rosary allegedly given to her by Pope Francis
  • She continues to have access to the news media
  • She writes almost daily notes, using Senate stationery, to criticize the Duterte government
  • She conitinues to have access to her Twitter account
  • The Duterte government has not cracked down on protests and rallies supporting De Lima and demanding her release from prison
  • She has gone public urging the Armed Forces of the Philippines to oppose Duterte’s policies and actions in connection with the country’s territorial dispute with China
  • This needs further fact-checking, but we’re sure she can occasionally request to be served her favorite saging na saba (banana)

What other evidence do we need to prove that Duterte is a Dictator?



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