Ellen Tordesillas Accuses Duterte Of Supplying Weapons To ICC

6649EF71-A17B-4B6F-BD21-EBBCF843E9C1MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Subject to fact-checking by Rappler and Vera Files – In a single tweet, Ellen Tordesillas of Vera Files accused Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte of supplying weapons to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Duterte is facing a complaint before ICC for alleged crimes against humanity.

Tordesillas’ latest tirade against Duterte follows her previous accusation that the president is the No. 1 source of fake news.

The Adobo Chronicles talked to Tordesillas as she was leaving a television studio where she figured in an embarrassing interview where she aaaah’d and uuuuhm’d when asked about her working definition of fake news.

4AB3800C-5F38-4F66-9CD2-926F11C51C24Tordesillas said that the weapons supplied by Duterte to ICC includes Uzi’s, semi-automatic rifles, multi-calibre guns and other assault ammunition.

The Adobo Chronicles could not immediately fact-check Tordesillas’ claim.



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