Actress Haley Atwell Denies Canceling ComicCon Appearance Due To Political Unrest In The Philippines

B9E392FC-CB2C-4777-8223-D71BC472E612MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Organizers of ComicCon Asia 2018 earlier announced that actress Hayley Atwell, known for her role as Peggy Carter in Agent Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will no longer be part of the event.

In a statement posted on the group’s Facebook page, Hayley cited the “political unrest in the country” as the reason.

“We wish to inform everyone that Hayley Atwell has decided to cancel her appearance in the 2018 ComicCon Asia due to the perceived ‘political unrest in the country.’ In a message sent to us, Hayley said that ‘she’s not comfrotable making the trip at this time.’

Mainstream news media wasted no time in reporting the cancellation.52D2AFCB-CE67-4002-A481-AD067AFBF3E4

The Adobo Chronicles contacted Haley on the set of an episode she was shooting and she denied having mentioned anything about political unrest in the Philippines.

”What I said was that I was canceling my trip to Manila because the Liberal


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