‘LODI’ Group Of Artists, Writers, Journalists and Media Workers Accused Of Plagiarism

33A5394A-79A9-49BA-B3E1-D4E996B148ADMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Citing threats to freedom of expression and the “disinformation campaigns” waged by forces funded by taxpayer money, a group of artists, writers, journalists and media workers has served notice to the Duterte administration of their plan to be a “Lodi.”

This six-member group is tagging itself as an alliance that is expected to scrutinize or fact-check pronouncements from Mr. Duterte, his aides or his supporters who command an online following.

LODI stands for “Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity.”  Members include Joel Lamangan, Sari Dalena, Inday Espina  Varona, Tonyo Cruz, Bonifacio Ilagan and Juana Change.

Today, however, LODI faces a backlash — and a class-action lawsuit — from Filipino netizens who originally came up with the term “lodi.”

Unless you’ve been hibernating, you know that “lodi” in social media parlance means ‘idol’ (spelled backwards).

The lawsuit charges that the group of artists and media personalities committed an act of plagiarism when they chose to name their group LODI.

One netizen commented that the group capitalized on the term so that they would look ‘young and cool’ contrary to their more senior persona. “By filing this class-action lawsuit, we hope to take back the word ‘lodi’ from these opportunists,” he said.




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