Adobo Chronicles’ Exclusive Interview With Anti-Duterte Blogger Raissa Robles

IMG_2503It was a rare privilege for The Adobo Chronicles to be given the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with self-proclaimed investigative journalist, Twitter guru and book author Raissa Robles.

Here’s a transcript of that interview:

AChron: Congratulations, Ms. Robles, we heard your book, “Never Again” was nominated for some obscure awards.

Robles: Why, thank you. I thought you would not even mention that in this interview.

AChron: Well, we’re a fair and balanced news outlet, so we give credit where credit is due.

Robles:  By the way, today, 9/11 is a day we all commemorate and should never forget.

AChron: The collapse of the Twin Towers?

Robles:  No, the birthday of Ferdinand E. Marcos.

(End of interview)


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