Senator Cynthia Villar Has A New Proposal For Philippines To Achieve Rice Sufficiency

IMG_2646MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – A few weeks ago, Philippine Senator Cynthia Villar proposed a ban on restaurants serving UNLI (unlimited) rice as a way for the country to achieve rice self-sufficiency.

But that didn’t go well with most Filipinos who always look forward to their free, unlimited rice that comes with their order of  inihaw, kare-kare, adobo and lechon kawali.

Now, the hard-working senator has a new proposal that she thinks would be a sure way to reduce rice consumption in the Philippines.

Villar is proposing that the National Food Authority (NFA) import individually-wrapped rice grains from Japan (see photo).

By making it laborious for Filipinos to unwrap one rice grain at time in order to complete their three to four cups of rice to cook, Villar says in that in due time, Filipinos will eventually reduce their rice consumption.

NFA Administrator Jason Aquino told The Adobo Chronicles that the importation of the individually-wrapped rice grains from Japan will initially cost a lot of money, but in the end, it will reduce local demand for rice.  When that happens, NFA will no longer need to import rice, even when local production is affected by weather conditions, Aquino said.


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