Philippine Bishops Issue Historic Pastoral Letter Against Fake News And Presstitutes

IMG_2424MANILA, Philippines  (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When Filipino Catholics attend services this Sunday, they will listen to the reading of a “historic” pastoral letter issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Rappler is reporting that the CBCP is urging Catholics to stop spreading fake news as it is a “sin against charity.”

What Rappler is not reporting is that the bishops are issuing a second pastoral letter to be read next Sunday condemning presstitutes, noting that they are committing a “sin against faith.”

(Faith, Hope and Charity are three theological virtues espoused by the Catholic Church.)

Many pro-Duterte bloggers have discredited both legitimate journalists and anti-Duterte bloggers as “presstitutes” for their bias, faux investigative reporting and spreading of fake headlines and photographs.  Among the so-called presstitutes are  Rappler, The Inquirer, GMA-7, ABS-CBN and bloggers like Raissa Robles, Cynthia Patag, Leah Navarro and Jim Paredes.

The second pastoral letter argues that presstitutes destroy the people’s faith in the truth and the basic tenets of fair, balanced and accurate reporting.

The letter urges all Catholics who have been following and reading news from the presstitutes to go to the Confessional Box at their first opportunity.

Coincidentally, The Adobo Chronicles has issued its own list of presstitutes as a public service to its readers and followers.






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