Senator Trillanes To Sue BBC For Devastating Interview With Stephen Sackur

IMG_2340MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Philippines Senator Antonio Trillanes says he going to file a lawsuit against British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for a recent interview he had with Stephen Sackur of ‘Hardtalk.’

During that live interview, a video of which has now gone viral across the globe, Sackur pulverized every comment and response Trillanes made regarding questions about the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte.

The wide-ranging interview covered topics from Martial Law, to Coups to Crystal Meth (which Trillanes seemed to have mistaken to be marijuana.)

“BBC is nothing but fake news,” Trillanes said, “and they must have been paid by Duterte supporters to have me insulted over and over by Sackur.”

Since Trillanes cannot sue Sackur because the latter is not a Filipino citizen, the senator says he will fly to The Hague to file his complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

When asked by The Adobo Chronicles what his basis was for suing BBC and Sackur, he replied, “Crimes against my humanity.”

9 thoughts on “Senator Trillanes To Sue BBC For Devastating Interview With Stephen Sackur”

  1. Trillanes insulted Duterte. And now he thinks Stephen insulted him while he’s insulting President Duterte. He is an embarrassment to the Filipinos. He’s not even answering the questions properly. I can’t believe the fact that he is a sentor.


    1. the bbc actively supporting a murderous dictator who supports death-squads, extra-judicial killings and has started a civil war in mindano, killed over 8000 overwhelmingly poor in his drug war, and is aligning the Philippines to be exploited further by china ? a man who sets things up for a new dictatorship and the end of Philippine democracy? – shame


  2. How in Pete’s sake this guy got elected??Go ahead sue BBC for making you a clown and degraded your image and credibility! Did you think you were going to get the support by the foreign media?? You are not helping the country who is in turmoil instead you are destroying it with all your personal lies and poltical interests! Why don’t you go to Mindanao and extend a helping hand to those poor victims instead. Do something worthwhile and people will notice you. Morron!!


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