Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez Says Leni Robredo Is Philippines’ Second President

Robredo spokesperson Hernandez, right, supposedly in Marawi while her boss was partying in Los Angeles, California,

MARAWI CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Davao Bureau) – Leni Robredo herself has said that the “only power of the Vice President is to wait for something to happen to the President.”  So why is she sticking her finger in every issue and criss-crossing the country and the world as an official Philippine representative?

Well, Robredo’s spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez, has the answer: Robredo is actually a “Second” Philippine President.

“The framers of our constitution designed it that way — that our country will have two presidents — the President and the Second President,” Hernandez said. “That’s the reason Leni is called “Pangalawang Pangulo,” which all Filipinos know to translate to “Second President.”

For once, Hernandez makes perfect sense!

All hail to our Second President!



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