Adobo Chronicles’ Guide To Mutual Respect And Decency On Social Media

IMG_1932MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – We may be of different political leanings, but we can always agree to disagree, and do so in a respectful and decent manner.

The pro-Aquino/Liberal Party and pro-Duterte folks have been hurling the terms ‘ Yellowtards’ and ‘Dutertards’ at each other for a long time now.  These are words that are derogatory for real people who suffer health-related developmental challenges, so we should refrain from using them when debating on social media.

As a public service, The Adobo Chronicles has come up with a simple guide to mutual respect and decency on social media and we hope that all Filipino netizens, whether they are pro or anti-Duterte, follow these simple rules:


Instead, use: Yellow Corn, Jaundiced, or Yellow Ribbon.  When inclined to use photos or graphics to criticize the anti-Duterte folks, use any of these:




Instead, use: Red Rice, Sapin-Sapin. When inclined to use photos or graphics to criticize the pro-Duterte folks, use any of these:



(IMPORTANT NOTE: When using images of sapin-sapin, only use photos bearing the colors red, white, blue and yellow which are the colors of the Philippine flag.)

As for Filipino Americans, refrain from naming Presidents Duterte and Trump directly. Instead, say ‘Darna’ for Duterte, and ‘Wonder Woman’ for Trump.



Please feel free to share these simple guidelines to those who you think need it, and need it badly!


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