BREAKING: Leni Robredo Will Step Down As VP To Spend Quantity Time With Daughters


QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Hold the presses on impeachment!  Vice President Leni Robredo has just announced that she is stepping down in order to spend more quantity time with her daughters.

The shocking announcement came just hours after Robredo concluded the first episode of her new weekly radio 📻  program which aired Sunday, Mother’s Day.

During the radio show, Robredo had this advice to Filipino working mothers:

Nothing will ever take the place of the time you spend with your children. Some working mothers I know would say that giving their children quality time is okay. But I tell them, no. Quality time is not okay. It should be quantity time, which means parents should spend all the time they could with their children.”

Many working mothers, grandmothers and single parents took to social media to denounce Robredo’s statement and were planning to organize a “Million Mom March Vs. Robredo” at the Luneta sometime next week.

To prove that she was sincere in her advice to mothers, and to avert any civil unrest as a result of her comments, Robredo said she has decided to immediately step down from her position.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution gives the incumbent President the power to choose who will replace the Vice President.  Who will it be ?



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