Damage Control: United Airlines To Raffle Off Four Free Tickets For Every Outgoing Flight

IMG_0422DENVER, Colorado (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Don’t cancel that purchased United Airlines ticket of yours just yet. And think twice before you book your next flight on another airline.

In a desperate move to regain its reputation and business after that unfortunate incident in which an elderly passenger was dragged out of a flight to make room for flight crew, United Airlines has announced a new promotion.

Beginning today, United will raffle off four free tickets for every outgoing flight — worldwide! Winners in the raffle will get a 100% cash 💰 reimbursement for the cost of their purchased tickets on that flight. If seats are available, raffle winners will even be upgraded to First or Business Class.

But in order to win, you must be holding a paid ticket on your outgoing flight. Tickets issued as part of frequent flyer rewards are not eligible for the promo.

So don’t turn your back yet on the friendly skies.



One thought on “Damage Control: United Airlines To Raffle Off Four Free Tickets For Every Outgoing Flight”

  1. Eh, turn your back on them anyway. Even if your ticket is free, there’s nothing to stop them from repeating that behavior again. Plus, trust and respect can’t be bought, they have to be earned.

    I’ll happily pay for a plane ticket that offers decent service, rather than a free ticket that came from someone getting punched in the face.


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