Chechnya’s Army Plagued By Gay Men


GROSNY, Chechnya (The Adobo Chronicles, Moscow Bureau) – Amid reports that the government of Chechnya has established the first concentration camp since the Holocaust, reports indicate that its army ranks include hundreds of closeted gay men.

Chechnya’s modern-day concentration camp was designated for gay men. Homosexuality is outlawed in this independent country within the Russian Federation.

An investigative report conducted by The Adobo Chronicles revealed that almost one in ten soldiers in the Chechnyan army is gay. Secretly of course.

We had assumed that their motivation to join the army was to escape persecution. But to our surprise, most gay men we talked to said that they love wearing the army uniform, especially the fabulous headdress ( see photo).

Perhaps this is what we can call a modern-day gay plague, and it has hit the Chechnyan army.


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