President Trump, Citing 2010 Supreme Court Decision, Insists Crowd At His Inauguration Was The Largest In History

img_8682WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – No national issue is more important to President Donald Trump than the number of people who attended  his inauguration in Washington, D.C.

He is irked by news media suggestions that there were a lot of empty spaces at the National Mall during his oath-taking ceremony.  Trump’s spokespersons insist that the crowd that attended his inauguration was the largest in historty.

Trump used a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) to back up his argument about the inauguration crowd.

That court decision allowed unlimited corporate and union spending on political issues, resulting in the how popular notion that “corporations are people.”

“In the same light,” Trump declared, “empty spaces are people.”


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