Philippines President Duterte Says He’d Burn Down The United Nations And The News Media Believed Him

IMG_7876.PNGNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) – Rodrigo Duterte offered his latest controversial remarks on Thursday, attacking the U.N.’s high commissioner for human rights for suggesting the organization should open a murder investigation against the Philippines president, describing Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein as an “idiot” and claiming he’d “burn down the United Nations.”

And the news media believed him.

Even the United Nations has taken the threat very seriously by increasing security measures in and around its headquarters in New York.

Among the new security measures:

  • Photos of Duterte were posted on all entrances, elevators, restrooms and parking structures at the U.N. building
  • All Filipino diplomats, UN employees and visitors will be subject to a second and third screening before being allowed entry to the building
  • Lighters and matches will be confiscated at the security gates
  • Any one heard cussing while in the UN premises will be arrested, especially if they are, or look, Filipino
  • Proper attire is now required of all people entering the UN building. The wearing of Barong Tagalog, especially with folded sleeves and denim pants is now strictly prohibited.

Meanwhile, the Departmen of Homeland Security has raised the threat level against Duterte from blue (guarded) to red (severe).

Ah, the power of the news media!


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